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Welcome to Puget Sound Business Law

Since 1986, Puget Sound Business Law has provided legal counsel to businesses and commercial real estate clients throughout the Puget Sound. PSBL provides legal representation to individuals and businesses on a wide range of matters: from the formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, the preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements, to the purchase, sales and leases of businesses and commercial real estate.

Puget Sound Business Law (formerly known as "Law Office of Richard R. Bernstein, P.S.") also regularly represents private lenders and borrowers by negotiating, documenting and enforcing commercial secured loan transactions.

Although the vast majority of the firm’s clients are located in the Puget Sound region, PSBL also represents out-of-state individuals and businesses in matters arising in Washington State or in which Washington law is applicable.

PSBL emphasizes prompt and responsive communication with its clients, timely and efficient provision of services, and understanding and serving its clients’ needs and goals.  The firm strives to help its clients avoid litigation — but, when litigation is necessary, the firm zealously and ethically represents its clients’ interests in courts, arbitrations and mediations.

PSBL also accepts clients referred by attorneys who do not practice litigation or who may be subject to a conflict of interest.

A significant percentage of Puget Sound Business Law's clients have been referrals from other lawyers, including some who were adversaries in other cases — and a number of those same lawyers have engaged PSBL to represent them in their own personal and business matters.

PSBL welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your legal needs. To schedule a consultation, please call (425) 462-7750 or email info@pugetsoundbusinesslaw.com.